Spec-Dor communicates with all parties involved in a project to ensure that the end user gets the best and most economical hangar solution. Optimizing building layout and door design could save thousands of dollars and avoid a lifetime of grief for the end user. Spec-Dor’s experience ensures that the vision of all parties, the architect, the contractor, the owner, and hangar personnel are considered and balanced to produce a better hangar solution. Efficient hangar design and function revolves around the selection of the right hangar door. Spec-Dor can assist you in designing your next hangar.


Spec-Dor understands the difficulty many contractors face when trying to integrate a hangar door into the building envelope. Every error winds up costing the contractor thousands of dollars. Spec-Dor can help guarantee the success of your project by providing highly detailed construction drawings.

Spec-Dor drawings always include the hangar’s structural details as well as the project guidelines. The drawings become a valuable tool for the project managers, the construction super intendants, and installers to accurately install and coordinate the hangar door within the building shell. By providing this level of detail, Spec-Dor can guarantee the proper fit and function of your door.


Spec-Dor uses the latest in computer numerically controlled machinery to manufacture all structural components and hardware. Using advanced technology and manufacturing large series of components reduces costs, increases repeatability and improves quality. In short, Spec-Dor’s success provides customers with the best value for their dollar.


Spec-Dor can design your hangar door to meet or exceed any global building code or standard. All doors are engineer certified and precisely crafted with Spec-Dor’s vast experience.

From hurricane rated doors of the Caribbean Sea to the super thermally protected doors of the North Pole, Spec-Dor can design and build your ultimate hangar door. Extremely rigid structural door sections, with structural bracings, always yield perfectly square and true doors with little or no effort. Faster installations always result in substantial savings.


Proper sealing starts in the design of the door system. Spec-Dor has developed new ways to integrate doors within any building shell to yield near air-tight seals. Spec-Dor pioneered the use of brush weatherstripping with heavy duty air barriers set in 100mm aluminum retainers with slotted adjustment holes. Attention to detailing makes the differencebetween a superior quality hangar door and simply a moving structure on wheels. By ignoring critical sealing details during design it becomes impossible to add, and adjust or replace defective door seals. Loss of heating or cooling and even bird infestation become problems for the life of the building.


Spec-Dor designs all its controls with superior user interfaces. Simple operation and maximum safety are always the priority. New ground level limit switches are easy to service. Spec-Dor developed exact formulas for accurately sizing motors, brakes and variable speed drives units for any size hangar door. Smooth acceleration and accurate soft stopping will make any hangar door operate longer, better and safer.


To meet the needs of the global specialty door market, Spec-Dor rapidly expanded its operations, geographical reach, fabrication capacity, alliances and customer base. The company has established alliances to deliver services to the entire world. Supporting industry leading builders and owners, the company provides a solution for the entire service chain. From initial design to the fabrication, installation and maintenance, Spec-Dor is committed to helping builders and owners access new customer markets and solve specialty door challenges around the world. The company’s specialty door solutions and services have tremendous relevance in every international market.


Robust, long-lasting and reliable hangar doors

On-time door delivery

Easy installation

On-budget fabrication and installation

Buildings and doors that are optimized for HVAC operations

Optimized for maintenance

And more...


Almost all hangar doors are custom built to fit a specific job and/or site condition. It is our belief that the hangar door is the most important element of any hangar building. It is obvious that if the door does not work properly, the hangar is almost useless.
Designing a hangar door configuration or layout must be done in conjunction with the hangar building structure. Both elements must be designed together in order to get the maximum cost efficiency. It is almost impossible to source two doors that will impact the building design in the same way.
Spec- Dor can help architects and building contractors offer a combined door and building package that would be efficient and economical. We refer to this process as the I3 (i-Cubed) process “Innovative Interface Integration”.
Spec-Dor can help designers and contractors understand and coordinate the work required around the hangar door in order to reduce potential mismatches or installation errors.
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